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MARCH 2021

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Welcome to our March 2021 Issue. This month's issue we are talking about 'Our Planet' with Ocean Bottle. This is our first themed issue, and we thank all of the creatives who focused their content on what 'Our Planet' means to them. We hope you enjoy reading and engaging with our March 2021 Issue.

Question: How many Ocean Bottle's can you spot in our beautiful cover by Imo Crossland?

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March 2021: Text


March 26, 2021

If you could fit Ocean Bottle’s mission into two sentences, what would they be? And how does Ocean Bottle go about achieving its mission?

We enable anyone who gives a damn about this planet the opportunity to help turn the tap off ocean plastic. Each of our smart chip activated reusable bottles funds the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles in weight at purchase and stops this from entering the ocean.

22 million kgs of plastic pours into the ocean each day on average. The combination of growing single use plastic production and a lack of waste management infrastructure particularly in impoverished coastal communities has led to plastics flowing into the ocean at an enormous rate. It’s now estimated that unless we do something drastic, ocean plastic will double by 2030. We are enabling individuals to have an impact on turning the tap off ocean plastic, whilst creating social mobility in coastal communities worldwide. 

Ocean Bottle defines itself as an impact brand, what does it mean to be an impact brand? And what has your impact been to date?

Since launching, we have funded the collection of 1,228,028kgs of ocean bound plastic, the equivalent in weight to 108,025,000 plastic bottles. Sustainability is about creating a positive impact, ensuring that future generations have the resources they need. ‘Simply doing less damage’ as a company is not enough. For us, this is about doing more for the planet and its inhabitants.

Ocean Bottle is a Social Enterprise and a B-Corp, what are your key social goals impacts?

Our goal would be a world where we go out of business, with all ocean plastic stopped! 

Our pledge is to fund collection equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles by 2025. In the shorter term we’re hoping to make through Christmas and we are hoping a lot of companies will be wanting to give their employees Ocean Bottles. We also have a lot of exciting partnerships and marketing plans, as well as new products and also the smart chip platform. Each of our products is NFC activated for continued impact so people can fund more plastic collection just by bringing their bottle with them to partner locations which will enable us to exponentially increase our impact.

As a company prided on sustainability, and reducing plastic waste, what do you think is the single best thing individuals can do to reduce their plastic waste output?

It’s no surprise that we might say, carry a reusable bottle! It’s very simple, but the effects are massive when you start to imagine 7 billion people doing or not doing it. We would recommend investing in durable, reusable items to eliminate single use plastics, such as bottles, coffee cups, bags and cutlery. It is an easy way to stop single-use in everyday life. We as consumers have a massive influence to change the world, just by being conscious about what we purchase.

What were your inspirations for Ocean Bottle? Was the idea born from the desire to have an environmental impact, a social impact, or both?

Co-Founder, Will Pearson first became aware of the plastic crisis whilst working as a deckhand in the Indian Ocean. It was here he encountered Thilafushi in the Maldives, also known as ‘rubbish Island’. On Thilafushi, the plastic from resorts is predominantly burnt and left to drift out into the ocean. He then travelled to Colombia and found rivers quite literally choking with plastic.

After these encounters, he felt inspired to take action. Action began with further research into the plastic problem, learning that 22 million kgs of plastic pour into the ocean every single day. He was left questioning how we could collect plastic before it enters the ocean, which is when he came across Plastic Bank who were in the process of setting up recycling infrastructure in some of the worst-hit places such as  Haiti, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil. He realised that this was a great solution and that we should connect people all over the world to it, which is where Ocean Bottle came in. I was determined to do something positive in the environmental space, but combine it with business. Noticing that consumers wanted to be empowered to make positive choices and be part of the solution, he started working on Ocean Bottle. Will met co-founder Nick at London Business School in 2017, they incorporated the company in 2018 and then travelled out to Norway to design the product with our design partners, K8. The design of the product itself took a full year and thousands of hours. It received the Red Dot Design and Green Product Award 2020 and we ended up with a Norwegian looking thing which balances aesthetics, sustainability and new levels of versatility.

Currently, there is a lot of literature surrounding environmental racism, and your brand believes that ‘environmental justice is social justice’, can you expand on this?

Environmental action that fails to recognise the link between environmental injustices and dominant systems of racism, sexism, colonialism patriarchy and ageism is not acceptable. Internally, as a company we must take critical steps to educate ourselves how to find the often hidden injustices, we need to recognise them, admit them and turn them into action. Communications need to vocalise these injustices and we will strive to work with people, provide a platform and hire people who are in positions of injustice. Actively seeking and working to bring environmental justice.

Environmental justice is a just and fair future for people as well as the planet, and environmental movements and organisations, including ourselves at Ocean Bottle need to do more to ensure the future we create is socially, racially and politically equal, just and fair for all.

What can we expect from Ocean Bottle in the future? 

We’ve got some big goals to reach this year, one of them being to fund the collection of 3 million kgs of ocean bound plastic and further support the livelihoods of collectors in coastal communities. We will also be launching a new product in the summer, and growing our team to help us reach our impact goals. One of these new roles will be the Head of Platform, who will help launch and develop the world’s first impact platform and app for ocean health, helping individuals grow their impact from collecting 1000 plastic bottles at purchase to 10,000 a year! We also want to triple the donations to campaigns, NGOs and activists as equal to our revenue predictions. 

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March 26, 2021

I am 94. I have had an extraordinary life. It is only now that I appreciate how extraordinary.

As a young man, I felt I was out there in the wild, experiencing the untouched natural world - but it was an illusion. The tragedy of our time has been happening all around us, barely noticeable from day to day - the loss of our planet's wild places, its biodiversity.

I have been witness to this decline. A Life on Our Planet is my witness statement, and my vision for the future. It is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake - and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.

We have one final chance to create the perfect home for ourselves and restore the wonderful world we inherited.

All we need is the will to do so.

When I was told by Snippets Magazine that they wanted to do a themed issue for March around ‘Our Planet’, I had to think for a few days around how I could incorporate a book review into that theme. 

I wanted to review someone who is passionate about our planet, someone who had the credentials to really speak on the things that are happening in our world. David Attenborough more than fits that description. 

A Life on Our Planet - in David Attenborough’s words - is a witness statement and a vision. For me it reads as a love letter, the passion that Attenborough has for our world is illuminating, his descriptions of all the places he has been, and we can only hope to go brings a smile to your face as you read. 

Then comes the heartbreak, the lump in your throat moment where he so accurately describes the consequences if we, as humankind carry on as we are, our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, will in no way understand the world we are living in today because we would have killed it, they will have a greater struggle than we do now. 

I will be honest and admit that I was aware that we needed to do more to save the planet, and I guess I was naïve enough to think it would just all be ok in the end this book if it did nothing else. It made me think about how I can have a positive impact on this world and truly leave it as a better place. 

I urge every person to read this. EVERYONE. It will tell you factually what will happen if we continue doing what we are doing to our planet. 

Then, like in any good book, comes the optimism despite all the terrible things that are documented. Attenborough still gives us hope and optimism, and a plan of how we can make things right if we all as a collective chose to. 

My favourite thought from this book: - “I have to remind myself of the dreadful things that humanity has done to the planet in my lifetime. After all the sun still comes up each morning and the newspaper drops through the letter box. But I think about it most days to some degree. Are we, like those poor people in Pripyat, sleepwalking into a catastrophe?”

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We had the pleasure of talking to Isobel, the brains behind Perl Cosmetics. In our discussion with Isobel, we spoke all things sustainability, skin care and business. Isobel also gave us an insight into Perl Cosmetics’ future, and we are looking forward to seeing what exciting new product they launch later in the year.  

March 2021: Recent News

March 26, 2021

What was your inspiration behind starting Perl Cosmetics? And what made you chose skincare?

I have always been obsessed with makeup and skin care, but it wasn’t until I read an article about two young guys in Australia who set up a really successful skincare business selling clay masks, that my interest was spiked. I felt like that it was really cool that they managed to build a skincare business with just one product, especially a new one in a really saturated market. They must have started in around 2018, they saw the trend of pink clay masks on social media and thought ‘yep’ we are going to hop on the band wagon and create a business. In doing so, they created such a powerful business, using social media. I am obsessed with social media myself, I am obsessed with skincare, and I just thought to myself – this is really interesting, I wonder whether this was something I could do. 

On the flip side, I was frustrated that it was two young men who have created this business for women. I find it so frustrating, women have these ‘hobbies’, such as, women like to cook, but the ‘best’ chefs are men, women like to horse ride, but the ‘best’ horse riders are men, and why? Why is it that when you get into a professional setting that it is always the men that are the trailblazers, this annoyed me. That is when I thought… maybe I can start my own skin care business. It also ties into my degree. I studied biology at Uni, so I spent most of my time in a lab. I am technically a scientist by education and training, so it went hand in hand. Of course, it wasn’t until the pandemic that I bought it to life. 

Sustainability is very central to our March Issue as we are focusing on ‘Our Planet’ in collaboration with Ocean Bottle. We wanted to ask how sustainability operates within Perl Cosmetics, and how you centre your brand around sustainability?

One major part is that it is all hand made by me. There are no factory emissions, no wastage of product because I do it all myself. I can keep on top of recycling, any supplies that come to me in cardboard boxes are either reused by us or recycled. On top of that we use glass packaging, we use glass jars and glass bottles, which can be upcycled or recycled. This is similar with our bamboo lids; we try to keep our plastic use to a minimum. All of our packaging is cardboard, which is recyclable. On top of that, one thing that I found quite frustrating within the beauty industry, is the amount of plastic. The industry is notoriously known for its plastic use, so much unnecessary packaging, and once you run out of something, you have to buy the same thing, in the same package. It is so silly. Why can’t you just buy a refill? 

So, we also sell refills. Our jar refills arrive in these craft pouches, which you can open them up and tip them into your jar. And our oil comes in these little bottles, with aluminium lids, so the lids can be recycled, and you can pop in your old lid with the pipette. We are just trying to be a bit more environmentally friendly, a bit more waste free. You can keep your jars rather than get rid of them and buy the same thing again. It is also a bit more cost effective as well for customers. 

Your clay mask can be tailored to individual skin types, how does this work? And can we expect any new products soon? 

So, we make one mask, and how its tailors to your own skin type is that you can add in a different amount of our oil. Come summer we will be launching a new product which is very exciting. I reckon our clay mask though will always be our number one, as it was the original. 

What would your advice to be to anyone starting their own business?

The biggest thing is to believe in yourself. The going will get tough, there will be tears of both happiness and sadness. It is all about perseverance, there will be ups and downs. Initially, make sure you do your research. Someone gave a really good piece of advice, don’t think of starting a business and then find an idea, you need to have an idea you can turn into a business. If you are starting a small business because you want to try and make money from it, you will not be invested, you will potentially not be passionate about it. that passion is the only thing that will keep you going. If I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing, I would have given up. But I am so passionate, I know it will be worth it in the end. So, make sure whatever it is you are wanting to start, you’re invested and passionate – that is what will keep you going. 

After our chat with Isobel, we just had to order one of Perl Cosmetics’ clay masks for ourselves and we love it! We would highly recommend them for all you skin care lovers!


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whose planet?

our planet

4.54 billion years ago our planet earth came to be

3 hundred thousand years ago our species homo sapiens emerged

this means the modern human has only been a 0.0066% part of this planet's history

let us compress the earth's entire 4,540,000,000 year past into 1 year

a mere 365 days

of this 1 year, homo sapiens have only occupied planet earth for 34.7 minutes

34.7 minutes out of 1 whole year

let us now instead compress the 4,540,000,000 years into 1 day

a mere 24 hours

of this 1 day, homo sapiens have only occupied planet earth for 5.7 seconds

5.7 seconds out of 1 whole day

can earth ever truly be 'our planet' if we are only temporary lodgers

sheltered here for 5.7 seconds 

yet claiming the planet as our own

whose planet?

our planet?

perhaps not so much as we thought

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Established in 2020 in the peak of the UK’s national lockdown Halo Knits began from a living room in Tooting. Inspired by my grandmas knitting I set myself a goal to learn the craft whilst there wasn’t anything else happening and I fell in love. I want to create hats that are wearable, playful and bring some warmth and joy to these turbulent times! I’m keen to always source the most sustainable fabrics and using vegan wool. I also make custom knots so the client can create and personalise their own hats. I hope you enjoy my knitting and look forward to what the future holds.


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