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What made you chose to go into homeware?

Blanc Homeware was originally started by myself (Harry) as I had always been into homeware, as I love how a space can be transformed with a few home decor pieces. The first item released was the Form Trio Candle Set. Before releasing it, I was finding it difficult to find affordable, 100% Vegan Soy Wax candles in sculptural shapes. Hence what led to the start of Blanc Homeware.

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Can you talk us through a day at Blanc Homeware?

My partner (James) and myself now run Blanc full-time together from our little studio in the Brecon Beacons, Wales! Part of what we love about running a small business is everyday is different! We usually start the day fulfilling any orders we have. We then put on a large batch of candles in the shades and scents that need replenishment. We try and update our social media everyday if we can so getting content for that is also a big priority. Then we could be doing anything from Designing new prints to planning future collections!

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What inspires your aesthetic as a brand?

We take a lot of inspiration from travelling. Just before the Pandemic, we both visited Stockholm and fell in love with the Minimal, Scandinavian style. We used this as well as the Danish Pastel design trend to influence the direction of the Brand. We also draw inspiration from abstract natural forms. We think all these elements work together to create the minimal, elevated, yet playful aesthetic that Blanc was born with.

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What is your most popular product?

Of all time, our “Lovers Set” of two body candles has been our best seller! Having it featured in Glamour Magazine as ‘the best body candle set’ really helped people to discover Blanc.

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And finally, if you could a pick the best part of being a business owner, what would it be?

Being able to have full creative control is huge for us as we have a clear vision of what we want Blanc to be. Also the joy we get every single time we get an order and knowing our products will be inside of someone’s home brings us so much happiness! We are so excited for the future of Blanc and expanding to create more unique, beautiful products.

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I am heavily inspired by the forms of the landscape around me and seek to translate these into 2D space, exploring how they can be interpreted using colour and shape. I am also fascinated by the relationship between the figure and the landscape, how one influences the other and the ways in which they co-exist. Reducing forms to their most basic elements and utilising colour to inject life and atmosphere helps me to create bold, exciting and playful visual solutions that engage the viewer. I often work with large areas of flat colour, building imagery by ‘carving’ shapes into these blocks, meaning every element is very much ‘created’ by the shapes surrounding it. 

I recently graduated from Falmouth University with First Class honours in BA Illustration. Whilst studying, I largely applied my work in the context of editorial illustration, but I would love to expand my practice to encompass a broad range of applications, particularly exploring surface pattern design. 

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Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Lucky Bear started punch needling and tufting over the Christmas lockdown in 2020, and is inspired by nature, colours and fun characters.

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The nation is fragile. 

Since the forced union of states. 

The federation attempts to fight back. 

Adaptation of ideas, which may change. 

Against all odds, lingers on. 

Built on weak foundations. 

A constitution of lies. 

Red verse blue. 

Designed with division in mind. 

A war of words is all that survived. 

Half the nation hates the design. 

Inequality the only fire that burns. 

The only fire that keeps them alive. 

Liberty used as propaganda. 

With agendas written on every wall. 

Secretly plotting to take back choice. 

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Textile designer studying at Bath Spa University with a keen interest in illustration and character creation. I’m drawn to bright and unusual colour combinations, particularly oranges, pinks, and blues! My creative process consists of paintings, ink drawings, and digital manipulation. Any of my prints can be ordered in A4 and A5 upon request via Instagram - emiliarose_prints, or email -🍊

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Summer will soon be behind us, as it turns to Autumn and the ‘Blockbuster’ season draws to a close. Though it must be said, not many films busted any blocks. In fact, in August there was very little to draw people to cinemas. Just this week, I was in a theatre (kind of) enjoying Reminiscence, Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy’s directorial debut, joined by a whopping 4 other people.

To think, the highest grossing movie of 2021 so far in UK cinemas is… Peter Rabbit 2. And that’s only just over half of Peter Rabbit 1’s earnings in 2018. What has happened to cinema?

Well the pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere in a hurry and, understandably, people still aren’t taking that extra risk. In fact, many distributors have contingencies in place for the continuation of this trend, with movies like Venom: Let There Be Carnage considering pushing back to 2022. With streaming services upping their game of late and providing every entertainment necessity from home, why should you risk it?

So here are a few movie-going choices in September which may draw you back to the big screen experience. But there’s also plenty to enjoy from the comfort of home.


Candyman is out now, and offers a luring choice for those that may be tempted back to the cinema for a slice of terror over the next month. Get Out’s Jordan Peele is producing a fresh new take on the classic urban legend, a ghostly killer with a hook for a hand, easily summoned by simply repeating his name five times into a mirror.

Critics have gone mad for Candyman, going crazy for its apparent mix of derision, disdain and danger. The film follows Anthony, a down-on-his-luck artist who follows the story of The Candyman in the hope of uncovering not only an age-old urban legend but a sense of fresh perspective on his journey to success. Of course, this kind of risk must have consequences...


Set during the devastating aftermath of the 9/11 disaster, Worth is a biographical drama starring Michael Keaton as the person who must determine how to compensate families that suffered incalculable losses and must attribute value to the lives that have been lost. 

Opposite Keaton is Stanley Tucci, recently starring in Supernova and the soon-to-be-released The King’s Man. Here he is Charles Wolf, a man hell bent on opposing Keaton’s Ken Feinberg and questioning his every move. As a story based on truth, it’s bound to be a compelling piece of drama and maybe a genuine insight into the aftermath of an event that still shakes the world.


It’s back, baby. Sex Education returns for the third time on the 17th September and, this time, there’s a school uniform. If you haven’t got around to watching the first two seasons then now is your time, with a perfect two-week gap to lead you into the third series. 

The series is all about Otis, a socially awkward high school student played by Asa Butterfield (Hugo) who doesn’t have a lot of experience with sex, but knows exactly how to talk about it. That’s mostly down to his mother, a sex therapist played immaculately by Gillian Anderson. As he and Maeve go on a mission to give the entire school sex therapy, they constantly unearth all the skeletons from students and teachers’ closets alike.


Set on a mysterious island where things go awkwardly awry, Mike Flanagan of The Haunting of Hill House returns to Netflix with a new series: Midnight Mass. The official synopsis describes the series as a small isolated island’s community being driven apart by the arrival of a charismatic priest and unexplained miraculous events. With the island driven into religious impulse, what will this new arrival cost the town?

Like Hill House and Bly Manor before it, this series promises intrigue and depth but, above else, fascinating horror. With a seven-episode run and returning character-actors from his previous work, Flanagan presents us with his “favourite project so far”.


The final choice on this list was only ever going to be one thing. No Time To Die, the movie that was meant to be released over 18 months ago and has basically been the face of the film industry since March 2020 is finally being released. According to producers, it’s been postponed not only by a pandemic but because it’s too damn good to miss in cinemas. Now the wait is over, and we can make that judgement for ourselves...

In Daniel Craig’s final outing as the quintessentially British 007, the film sees Bond look to rescue a kidnapped scientist before the end of the world as we know it. The stakes are high (again), but the cast is bigger. Joining Craig in his final outing is Lea Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Rami Malek and more. It promises to be quite the send off…

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I’m a textile designer based in Scotland. With a focus on hand-drawing, collage and repeat pattern, I create printed and dyed accessories and homeware with a Japanese influence."

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